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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Standard Constitution of SETA Regulations

14. Chairperson of Accounting Authority


(1)        Appointment of Chairperson of Accounting Authority


(a) Only the Minister may appoint the Chairperson.
(b) The Chairperson may not be a member of the Audit Committee.


(2)        Term of office of Chairperson


(a) The term of office of the Chairperson may not exceed the period for which the particular SETA is established.
(b) The person appointed as Chairperson may not serve for more than two terms of office in the particular SETA.

[Regulation 14(2) substituted by Notice No. 1312, GG 41277, dated 24 November 2017]


(3)        Functions of Chairperson


The Chairperson of the Accounting Authority—

(a) must preside at meetings of both the Accounting Authority and the Executive Committee;
(b) must conduct such meetings in accordance with item 11; and
(c) may perform such other functions as are generally associated with the position of chairperson.


(4)        Temporary absence or incapacity of Chairperson


If the Chairperson is temporarily absent or incapacitated, the meeting ordinarily presided over by the Chairperson must appoint a person from its own ranks to preside over such meeting.


(5)        Vacating of office of Chairperson


(a)        The Chairperson must vacate office if he or she—

(i) is removed as a member in terms of item 8(13);
(ii) is unable to attend meetings or business of the Accounting Authority and Executive Committee for a consecutive period of six months; or
(iii) if the Minister, on good cause shown, decides to terminate his or her appointment.
(b) If the Chairperson has vacated office, the same process followed to appoint the Chairperson applies to the appointment of a new chairperson.