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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA)

24. Decision-making at meetings


24.1 The Authority or any committee must endeavour to reach consensus on any matter that requires resolution.


24.2 If consensus cannot be reached on any matter after sincere endeavours to do so, a decision of the majority of members present and voting at a meeting constitutes the resolution on that matter by the Authority or any committee, as the case may be.


24.3 In the event of voting, each member has a single vote on any matter for decision.


24.4 Voting is by show of hands unless a proposal for a ballot is supported by 50% percent of members present.


24.5 Any report or advice of the Authority or any committee which reflects a resolution that was not reached by consensus, must reflect:
24.5.1 the different views of the members on the matter so resolved; and
24.5.2 which members supported each view.


24.6 No resolution nor any act authorised by the Authority or any committee is invalid merely because of a vacancy on the Authority, or that committee, or because any person not entitled to sit as a member sat at such meeting at the time the resolution was taken - if a quorum was constituted by the rest of the members present at the meeting and entitled to sit as members at the meeting.


24.7 The chairperson of a committee has no voting rights if that chairperson is an employee of the Authority.