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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA)

13 Executive Committee


13.1 The Executive Committee is composed of—
13.1.1 three members representing each constituency;
13.1.2 the Chief Executive Officer, the chief financial officer and the chief operating officer in their official capacities and as non-voting members.


13.2 The chair of the Authority is the chair of the Executive Committee.


13.3 The Executive Committee must:
13.3.1 oversee the execution of the operational affairs of the Authority based on policy decisions of the Authority;
13.3.2 monitor the implementation of the Authority's financial and human resources policies;
13.3.3 take urgent decisions on operational matters between the meetings of the Authority following approved procedures;
13.3.4 direct and oversee the performance of the Chief Executive Officer;
13.3.5 present the annual budget, business plan, and annual report including the audited financial statements for approval by the Authority;
13.3.6 recommend to the Authority the establishment or disbandment of committees;
13.3.7 consider recommendations by the Chief Executive Officer on the appointment or termination of employment;
13.3.8 refer matters to the committees of the Authority for investigation; and
13.3.9 investigate and report to the Authority on any matter delegated to it by the Authority.


13.4 The Executive Committee may not decide on questions of general policy.


13.5 Executive Committee may act on behalf of the Authority in an emergency. In such event the Executive Committee must report its actions and the reasons for its actions in writing to the Authority as soon as reasonably practicable and raise the issue at the next meeting of the Authority.