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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Mining Qualifications Authority (MQA)

12. Committees


12.1 The Authority may establish committees, ad-hoc committees and subcommittees for such periods as the Authority may consider necessary to achieve the objects or perform the functions of the Authority.


12.2 Every committee may, subject to such conditions as the Authority may determine, establish ad-hoc or subcommittees for such periods as the committee may consider necessary to achieve the objects or perform the functions of that committee.


12.3 The establishing authority must provide terms of reference which should include, in respect of any committee:
12.3.1 its name;
12.3.2 membership;
12.3.3 quorum;
12.3.4 powers and functions;
12.3.5 period of establishment;
12.3.6 accountability;
12.3.7 funding; and
12.3.8 the chairperson.


12.4 The Authority may establish the following standing committees to advise the Authority and perform its functions as set out in its terms of reference contemplated in clause 11.3—
12.4.1 Executive committee, to make urgent decisions between the meetings of the Authority;
12.4.2 Skills Planning committee, to oversee the development and implementation of the sector skills plan;
12.4.3 Learnerships committee, to oversee the promotion and registration of learnerships and skills programmes;
12.4.4 ETQA committee, to ensure the quality of learning provision in the sector;
12.4.5 Standards Generating Body, to lead the development of unit standards and qualifications in the Sector;
12.4.6 Finance and levies committee, to oversee the management of the funds of the Authority and the disbursement of the skills development levies;
12.4.7 Audit committee, to ensure that the Authority complies with the requirements of the Public Finance Management Act.


12.5 The committees of the Authority contemplated in clause 11.4 (apart from the Audit Committee) must be composed of an equal number of members representing organised employers and organized labour.


12.6 The Authority must appoint a member of the Authority to chair a particular standing committee (apart from the Audit Committee, in respect of which the Authority may appoint an independent person as chairperson).


12.7 The members of a particular standing committee must appoint one among its members to act as a chairperson of the committee for the meeting when the chairperson is absent.


12.8 Every other committee consists of the number of members determined by the relevant establishing authority.