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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA)

3. Legal Status


3.1 TETA is established in accordance with sections 9 and 13 of the Act read together with the SAQA Act, and the Levies Act.


3.2 TETA is a juristic person with perpetual succession, and TETA will:


3.2.1 Have a separate identity and existence distinct from its members and representatives.


3.2.2 Hold property and assets distinct from its members and representatives.


3.2.3 Not carry on any business, which has for its object the acquisition of gain for itself or its representatives or members.


3.2.4 Not distribute any profits by way of dividends or any other means to its members or representatives.


3.2.5 Be required to use its funds solely for the objects for which it-has been established, with any surplus funds being invested in line with the provisions of the PFMA and TR.


3.2.6 Be entitled to raise funds, generate income and charge fees in terms of the relevant legislation.


3.2.7 Be capable at law of suing and being sued, of investing funds and of operating banking and other accounts, of entering into contracts and of doing or performing ail such other acts or things which a company incorporated with limited liability may do or perform subject to the provisions of this Constitution and the Act;


3.2.8 Continue to exist notwithstanding changes in its members or representatives.


3.3 TETA may appoint any competent person to act on its behalf to sign all documents and to take any steps necessary in any proceedings at law brought by or against TETA.