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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA)

25. Taking over Administration of TETA


25.1 In terms of section 15 of the Act, the Minister may, after consultation with the National Skills Authority, by notice in the Gazette, direct the Director-General to appoint an administrator to take over the administration of a TETA if the Minister is of the opinion that:
(a) the TETA fails to perform its functions;
(b) there is mismanagement of its finances; or
(c) its membership no longer substantially represents the composition contemplated in section 11 of the Act.


25.2 In that notice the Minister—
(a) must determine the powers and duties of the administrator appointed in terms of sub-clause 25.7
(b) may suspend or replace one or more members of the TETA for a reason contemplated in sub-clause 25.1(a),(b)or (c);
(c) may suspend the operation of the constitution of the TETA; and
(d) may, in the prescribed manner, transfer funds in the TETA’s bank account to the National Skills Fund.


25.3 If a notice is published in terms of sub-clause 25.1, the Minister may, to ensure that TETA resume the performance of its functions—
(a) amend its constitution;
(b) reinstate any of its members; and
(c) withdraw or amend any provision of the notice contemplated in sub-clause 25.2 on such conditions as the Minister considers appropriate.