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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Transport Education and Training Authority (TETA)

17. Board Committees


17.1 Board committees are merely a mechanism to aid and assist the Board and its members or representatives in giving detailed attention to specific areas of their duties and responsibilities in a more comprehensive evaluation of specified issues such as utilisation of assets and resources, governance practices, Fisk management, input into policy development, audit focus and coverage, internal control, skills development, remuneration and procurement, etc.


17.2 Some committees will be standing committees appointed to perform a continuing function, while others have a specific task, and are disbanded once that task has been completed.


17.3 The Board in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer shall determine the number of Board Committees it wishes to establish to assist it to effectively advance the business of the Board,


17.4 In establishing Board Committees, the Board must determine their terms of reference, life span, powers role and function. The powers, role and functions, composition and size of the committee shall be contained in the applicable Charter, which is approved by the Board on an annual basis.


17.5 The Board must create reporting procedures and proper written mandates or "Charters" for its committees and, ways of evaluating them.


17.6 Time should not be wasted on repeating a committee's deliberations at Board level.


17.7 The chairperson or vice-chairperson of the Board shall not be the chairperson of the Audit committee.


17.8 Board Committees shall not perform any management functions or assume any management responsibilities, as it only provides a forum for discussing business risk and control issues for developing relevant recommendations for consideration by the Board. The committees will make recommendations to the Board for its approval and final decision, while management is responsible for the implementation thereof.


17.9 The chairperson of the Board Committee shall be required to report orally or formally to the Board on a quarterly basis regarding the activities of the committee.