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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Chemical Industries and Training Authority (CHIETA)

26. Amendments to the Constitution


26.1 Only the Minister may, after consultation with the CHIETA, amend this Constitution in accordance with Section 13(2) of the Act.


26.2 If the Governing Board wishes to propose constitutional amendments to the Minister a resolution by at least 66% of all members must be secured after at least:
26.2.1 one month’s notice of a motion to amend had been given to the Executive Officer; and
26.2.2 two weeks’ notice of that motion had been given to all other members of the Governing Board.


26.3 The Executive Committee will issue a written notice together with full details of the proposed amendment(s) and forward the notice to the members no later than thirty days before the date of the relevant Governing Board meeting to consider the proposed amendments.


26.4 Unless the Minister approves, the proposed amendments to the constitution will not be incorporated into the constitution or have any force.


26.5 The Executive Committee may incorporate amendments to the CHIETA Constitution without prior approval of the members if the Minister prescribes such amendments in terms of Section 13(2) of the Act.


26.6 A copy of amendment(s) approved by the Minister in terms of clauses 25.2 or 25.5 of this Constitution shall be forwarded to all members of the Governing Board.