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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Chemical Industries and Training Authority (CHIETA)

19. Office Bearers of the Joint Stakeholder Forum, Chambers and Regional Coordinating Committees


19.1 The Joint Stakeholder Forum, Chambers and Regional Coordinating Committees shall comprise of Elected Office Bearers represented by the Chairperson and the Deputy-Chairperson


19.2 Chairperson and Deputy-Chairperson
19.2.1 The members will, subject to the provisions of clause 19.2.2 and 19.2.3, at the first meeting of the relevant committee elect a Chairperson and Deputy-Chairperson from amongst their organised employer and organised labour members. Thereafter, at the first meeting of each new Committee (i.e. at each new two year term of office) appoint from among its voting members a Chairperson and Deputy-Chairperson who will each hold office for a period of two years or for such shorter period as he/she may be a voting member of the Committee,
19.2.2 If the Chairperson is appointed from members representing organised labour then the Deputy-Chairperson may be appointed only from members representing organized employers and vice versa.
19.2.3 If the Chairperson or Deputy-Chairperson is a member nominated from organised labour, only members of organized labour may participate in the election of their appointee and the same principle will apply to members representing organized employers where the appointee is a member nominated by them.
19.2.4 The term of office of the Chairperson and Deputy-Chairperson commences at the start of the new two-year period and expires at the end of the biennial general meeting.
19.2.5 Nominations for the office of the Chairperson or Deputy-Chairperson of the relevant committee will be submitted in writing to the Executive Officer.
19.2.6 Whenever a vacancy arises in the office of the Chairperson or Deputy-Chairperson, the provisions of clause 19.2.1 to 19.2.5 above will apply as the context may require to the filling of such vacancies.
19.2.7 A person elected in terms of clause 19.2.6 shall hold office for the unexpired period of his / her predecessor.
19.2.8 The Deputy-Chairperson will perform the duties and functions of the Chairperson whenever the Chairperson is absent or for any reason unable to act or to perform those functions and duties.
19.2.9 If at any meeting both the Chairperson and Deputy-Chairperson are absent or unable to act or fulfill their functions and duties, members of the committee present in the meeting must appoint a Chairperson to perform such functions and duties for the duration of that meeting.
19.2.10 The Chairperson or Deputy-Chairperson is subject to the Code of Conduct and may be removed from office for serious neglect of duty, serious misconduct, incapacity or any other fair reason.