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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Chemical Industries and Training Authority (CHIETA)

16. Joint Stakeholder Forum


16.1.1 Composition of Joint Stakeholder Forum


16.1.1 Ten (10) representatives from the Chambers will be nominated as members of the Joint Stakeholder Forum, provided that each Chamber established in terms of clause 17 of this Constitution will nominate a maximum of two (2) representatives.


16.1.2 Ten (10) representatives from the Regional Co-ordinating Committees will be nominated as members of the Joint Stakeholder Forum, provided that each Regional Coordinating Committee as contemplated in clause 18 of this Constitution, will nominate a maximum of two (2) representatives, except for the Gauteng and Mpumalanga Committees which will together be required to nominate (2) representative each.


16.1.3 Representatives from the CHIETA Divisions including the CEO may participate in the discussions of the relevant matters pertaining to their area of work.


16.1.4 Wherever possible, small, medium and micro enterprises will be represented, as well as companies from remote areas.


16.1.5 The Joint Stakeholder Forum will be mindful of gender and equity profiles amongst its representatives.


16.1.6 To ensure continuity in meetings and optimum participation each representative of the Joint Stakeholder Forum will be entitled to nominate an alternate of their choice provided that the alternate represents the same constituency as the principal representative.


16.1.7 In the interests of capacity building, principal representatives will be entitled to attend at least one meeting a year together with the alternate.


16.2 Functions of Joint Stakeholder Forum


16.2.1 The functions of the Joint Stakeholder Forum are to: provide a forum for communication between the CHIETA office, CHIETA constitutional structures, which are the Executive Committee, the Governing Board and the Chambers, and regional structures comprised of the employers, and employee organisations in the chemical sector; facilitate and recommend decisions from both the Chambers and Regions to the Governing Board; enable the CHIETA, and representatives of Regional and Chamber stakeholders to discuss emerging policy issues and operational matters, and engage in joint projects of mutual interest; identify and channel issues of strategic interest to the relevant CHIETA structures pertaining to for example research, constituency support, sector skills planning, and critical and scarce skills; contribute to the identification of critical skills, the development of appropriate learnerships, and the dissemination of information to learners in these areas; and identify best practices in manufacturing, training provision, learner section, quality management systems, etc, and serve as a conduit to share this information with interested stakeholders