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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


Constitution of the Chemical Industries and Training Authority (CHIETA)

10. Term and Conditions of Members


10.1 Both a member and alternate may hold office for twenty four (24) months and will be eligible for re-appointment at the end of that term.


10.2 A member or alternate whose term of office has expired and who is not reappointed may, with the written consent of the organisation or institution concerned, continue to act as a member until the successor has assumed Office.


10.3 Despite clause 10.1 a nominating organisation may withdraw any of its member/s or alternate/s upon submission of at least 21 days written notice to the Secretary and such a member or alternate will vacate office immediately, upon:
10.3.1 commencement of resignation of the member from the organisation; or
10.3.2 the organisation ceasing to be sufficiently representative of the sector.


10.4 If a vacancy of any member or an alternate arises, the organisation or institution affected may by a written notice to the Secretary appoint another representative or alternate for the unexpired duration of the predecessor's term.


10.5 A member who, without good cause, is absent from three consecutive meetings will be disqualified from continuing in that office for the remainder of that term.


10.6 The CHIETA may remove any member or alternate from office if he/she transgresses the Code of Conduct of the CHIETA or commits misconduct and neglect of duty provided the affected member is given a fair hearing as required by the Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct is annexed as "E".


10.7 Unless agreed to otherwise, the CHIETA will compensate all members and, in their absence, their alternates for reasonable expenses incurred, whilst acting in an official, authorised capacity, in respect of travelling, accommodation and meals as set out in CHIETA policy.