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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


SETA Work-Based Learning Programme Agreement Regulations, 2018


Annexure B : Application to Register a Learnership


N1241 Annex B


Documents to accompany this application form:


The relevant South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) qualification document downloaded from the SAQA website.
If the relevant Qualilty Council (QC) has delegated the Quality Assurance (QA) function for the qualification associated with the learnership, proof of adequate arrangements with the relevant QC must be attached.



Learnership registration number:         _________________________________



Learnership registration date:         _________________________________



Learnership review date:         _________________________________



SETA responsible for learnership:         _________________________________



Quality Assurance body accredited for qualification associated with the learnership:




(For official use only)



1. SETA information


1.1 Name of the QC:


1.2 Details of the QC official responsible for preparing the application:


1.3 Name:


1.4 Telephone number:


1.5 Fax number:


1.6 Postal address:


.7 QC's mail address:



2. Qualification information


2.1 Title of qualification associated with the learnership:


2.2 SAQA qualification ID number:


2.3 NQF level:


2.4 Expiry date of qualification:


2.5 Minimum number of credits of the qualification:


2.6 Entry level requirements for the qualification:


2.7 Name of QA body accredited for the qualification:


3. Learnership information


3.1 Is this an application to register a new learnership or to replace an existing learnership?

(tick relevant box)

3.1.1 ¨   new learnership


3.1.2 ¨   learnership to replace an existing learnership


3.2 If replacing an existing learnership, indicate the following:


3.2.1 Name of existing learnership:


3.2.2 Registration number  of existing learnership:


3.3 Learnership title:


3.4 Review date of the learnership:


3.5 Number of credits to be earned through the learnership:


3.6 Related occupation (as per Organising Framework for Occupations  - OFO):


3.7 Occupation code (as per Organising Framework for Occupations - OFO):


4. Learnership identification


4.1 How was the need for this learnership identified?

(tick relevant box or boxes)


SETA sector skills plan


Skills plans from "adjacent" SETAs


SETA commissioned research


Workplace skills plans


Scarce skills list


Generally available research (specify):


Other (specify):


4.2 What needs will the learnership address?


4.3 What is the specific purpose of the learnership?



N1241 Annex B(2)

N1241 Annex B(3)


7. Declaration by QC


We declare that this application is a true and accurate reflection of the learnership, the qualification associated with the learnership and the rationale for the learnership.


Signed on this ______day of _______________20______ at ________________________________



Executive Officer:___________________________________ ___________________________
Name                        Signature



Manager:___________________________________         ___________________________
Name                        Signature