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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


SETA Work-Based Learning Programme Agreement Regulations, 2018

Chapter 6 : Administrative Provisions

21. Record keeping by SETAs


(1) Every SETA must keep an updated record of every—
(a) agreement registered by the SETA including the registration number;
(b) grant paid by the SETA in respect of every agreement;
(c) amendment to an agreement;
(d) successfully  completed  agreement  in terms of regulation 16 including  the agreement registration number, qualification number and certificate number;
(e) agreement that the SETA declined to register and the reasons for not registering it;
(f) agreement terminated in terms of regulation 14, including the reasons for such termination; and
(g) employer's report regarding the employment status of each learner who has completed an agreement.


(2) Records referred to in subregulation (1) may be kept in any form, but an original agreement and any amendment to an agreement must be produced in hard copy when required.