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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)


SETA Work-Based Learning Programme Agreement Regulations, 2018

Chapter 4 : Registering Learnerships

18. Amending registered Leanerships


(1) If the South African Qualifications Authority amends the registration of a qualification associated with a learnership, the relevant quality council must communicate the SAQA amendments to the Director-General within 30 working days.


(2) If the registered  learnership is amended, the Director-General must amend the relevant certificate of registration accordingly or issue a new certificate of registration.


(3) The amendment of a registered learnership does not affect—
(a) the rights and obligations of the parties to any learnership agreement in respect of that learnership in force at the time of the amendment;
(b) the  validity  of  any  learnership  completed  by  a  learner  or  any qualification associated with the learnership achieved by a learner—
(i) before amendment of the learnership; or
(ii) in respect of any period of learnership that is commenced before the amendment of the learnership and which the learner has duly completed.