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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)

Chapter 6A : Artisan Development

26D. Trade tests


(1) Subject to any regulation made in terms of subsection (5), no person may obtain an artisan qualification in terms of this Act unless they have successfully undergone a trade test administered by an accredited trade test centre.


(2) A person may apply to undergo a trade test in respect of a trade if—
(a) that person has completed a learnership relevant to that trade; or
(b) that person has satisfied the relevant requirements of an apprenticeship in respect of that trade; or
(c) an accredited trade test centre has certified that the person has acquired sufficient prior learning related to that trade; and
(d) that person has completed any other learning programme resulting in an occupational or vocational qualification inclusive of prescribed work experience that entitles such person to undergo the relevant trade test.


(3) An accredited trade test centre may require any person who applies to undergo a trade test to undergo a preliminary evaluation to determine whether that person has sufficient experience and knowledge in respect of the trade in question to undergo the trade test.


(4) The QCTO must issue any person who successfully completed a trade test with a trade certificate in the prescribed form, stating that that person is qualified to perform the trade specified in the certificate.


(5) The Minister, after consulting the QCTO, may make regulations concerning—
(a) the procedure for applying to undergo a trade test;
(b) the criteria for determining whether a learner should be required to undergo a preliminary trade test evaluation;
(c) the payment of fees for undergoing a trade test;
(d) the contents of a preliminary evaluation or trade test in respect of any trade;
(e) any matter related to conducting or moderating of trade tests;
(f) the criteria for granting exemptions from all or some of the requirements in respect of a trade test before being registered as an artisan;
(g) the form of certificate issued to artisans who successfully undergo a trade test;
(h) any other matter necessary for the conducting or moderating of trade tests.


[Section 26D inserted by section 11 of Act No. 37 of 2008]