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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)

Chapter 6A : Artisan Development

26A. National artisan moderation body


(1) The Director-General must—
(a) establish a national artisan moderation body in the Department; and
(b) provide the body contemplated in paragraph (a) with the personnel and financial resources that are necessary to coordinate artisan development in the Republic.


(2) The functions of the national artisan moderation body are to—
(a) monitor the performance of accredited artisan trade test centres;
(b) moderate artisan trade tests;
(c) develop, maintain and apply a national data-bank of instruments for assessment and moderation of artisan trade tests;
(d) develop and maintain a national data-base of registered artisan trade assessors and moderators;
(e) record artisan achievements;
(f) determine appeals against assessment decisions;
(g) recommend the certification of artisans to the QCTO; and
(h) perform any other prescribed function.


[Section 26A inserted by section 11 of Act No. 37 of 2008]