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Skills Development Act, 1998 (Act No. 97 of 1998)

Chapter 3 : Sector Education and Training Authorities

13B. Appointment of Chief Executive Officer


(1) The members of an Accounting Authority must within six months of their appointment, after following a transparent process, submit a list of names of three persons who have experience in accounting, financial and senior management matters to the Minister.


(2) The Minister must appoint one of the persons contemplated in subsection (1) as Chief Executive Officer of the SETA in question.


(3) The Chief Executive Officer must be appointed for a term of office that corresponds with the terms of office of the members of the Accounting Authority concerned, but may stay in office for a period of six months if the SETA in question has been re-established in terms of section 9(1)(b).


(4) The Minister must, after consultation with the National Skills Authority, make regulations regarding—
(a) the process that an Accounting Authority must follow for the purposes of subsection (1), including regarding—
(i) the advertising of the post;
(ii) the criteria and method of recruitment; and
(iii) the shortlisting and selection;
(b) the salary level of the Chief Executive Officer; and
(c) the criteria and process to enable an Accounting Authority to determine other conditions of service of the Chief Executive Officer.


(5) The Minister may make regulations regarding the performance by a Chief Executive Officer of his or her functions in terms of this Act in order to ensure that the SETA performs its functions contemplated in section 10A(1)(a) effectively.


[Section 13B inserted by section 12 of Act No. 26 of 2011]