Are crime syndicates operating out of our courts?

Posted 24 April 2014

Are crime syndicates operating out of our courts? The Auction Alliance scandal appears to be just the tip of the iceberg. There is mounting evidence of corrupt syndicates operating out of our courts, bankrupting solvent businesses for personal financial gain, and undermining the judiciary and the Constitution. 

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Police hand fraud complaint against FNB to National Prosecuting Authority

Posted 15 January 2014

A fraud complaint by a Cape Town couple against FNB has been handed over by the police to the National Prosecution Authority, after the bank attempted to repossess their home in 2008. Could this end up being SA's first fraud trial against a bank and its executives over the shadowy practice of securitisation?

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Cape Town couple lay fraud charges against First National Bank over home repossession attempt

Posted 22 October 2013

A Cape Town couple have laid charges of fraud with the police against First National Bank, its parent FirstRand, and a subsidiary company Ikhaya, for trying to repossess their home in contravention of the law.

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The myth of the fingerprint as reliable forensic evidence

Posted 18 August 2013

Thousands of people have been sent to prison - or Death Row - on the basis of a single fingerprint presented as evidence in court hearings. Many of them, it turns out, were wrongly convicted because of the courts' blind faith in the infallibility of forensics laboratories and witnesses.   

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