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National Heritage Resources Act, 1999

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To introduce an integrated and interactive system for the management of the national heritage resources; to promote good government at all levels, and empower civil society to nurture and conserve their heritage resources so that they may be bequeathed to future generations; to lay down general principles for governing heritage resources management throughout the Republic; to introduce an integrated system for the identification, assessment and management of the heritage resources of South Africa; to establish the South African Heritage Resources Agency together with its Council to co-ordinate and promote the management of heritage resources at national level; to set norms and maintain essential national standards for the management of heritage resources in the Republic and to protect heritage resources of national significance; to control the export of nationally significant heritage objects and the import into the Republic of cultural property illegally exported from foreign countries; to enable the provinces to establish heritage authorities which must adopt powers to protect and manage certain categories of heritage resources; to provide for the protection and management of conservation-worthy places and areas by local authorities; and to provide for matters connected therewith.


Last update: August 2010

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Latest Developments:


The Act has been updated with Declaration No. 178 in Government Gazette No. 33006 dated July 2010 and Declaration No. 748 in Government Gazette No. 32403 of July 2009.


The Act has been updated by Notice No. 120 – declaration of National Heritage Site, and Notice No. 121 - declaration of National Heritage Site, both published in Government Gazette No. 31864 dated 13 February 2009.


The National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No. 25 of 1999) has been updated with various Government Notices dated between September 2002 up to April 2008.


The National Heritage Resources Act, 1999, has been added to the site on 11 September 2000, as published in Government Gazette 19974, dated 28 April 1999, and is completely up to date.The regulations have also been added, as published in Gazette 21239 and dated 2 June 2000.