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National Credit Act, 2005 (Act No. 34 of 2005)


Regulations for matters relating to the functions of the Tribunal and Rules for the conduct of matters before the National Consumer Tribunal

Part D : Hearings

24A. Variation or rescission of Tribunal orders


(1) An application for the variation or rescission of a Tribunal order must be made within 20 days of the date on which the applicant became aware of
(a) the Tribunal order which was granted in the absence of the applicant;
(b) the ambiguity, error or omission; or
(c) a mistake common to the parties to the proceedings; or
(d) within such longer period as permitted by the Tribunal.


(2) An application for rescission or variation in terms of section 165 must be made by way of Form TI.165.


[Rule 24A inserted by rule 25 of Notice No. R. 203, GG 38557, dated 13 March 2015]