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National Credit Act, 2005 (Act No. 34 of 2005)


Regulations for matters relating to the functions of the Tribunal and Rules for the conduct of matters before the National Consumer Tribunal

Part E : General Rules

31. Delivery of documents


(1) Subject to these rules, a document or notice that is not required by the rules to be served on a person, may be delivered to that person—
(a) at a physical address;
(b) by registered mail;
(c) by fax; or
(d) by e-mail.


(2) Documents sent by fax or e-mail must include all of the following information on a cover page or cover message:
(a) the name, address and telephone number of the sender;
(b) the name of the person to whom it is addressed;
(c) the date and time of transmission;
(d) the total number of pages sent;
(e) the name and telephone number of the person to contact if transmission is flawed; and
(f) the manner in which and person to whom an acknowledgment of receipt should be sent.


(3) If the rules require that a certified copy of a document be filed with the Tribunal, that document must be filed in hard copy format, either by delivery to the physical address of the Tribunal or by registered mail to the postal address of the Tribunal.

[Rule 31(3) substituted by rule 21 of Notice 428 of 2011, GG 34405, dated 29 June 2011]


(4) If a document is delivered to the Tribunal later than the closing time specified in rule 2(1), the next business day will be recorded as the date of filing of that document.