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Court decision opens the way for consumers to recover billions in over-charges

The Cape High Court on Friday delivered a damning judgment against credit providers for over-charging on legal fees and interest in contravention of the National Credit Act (NCA) which came into force in 2007.

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The days of banks suing you in the high court are over

The banks from hereon must argue their cases in the much cheaper and more accessible magistrates' court. 

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Congratulations, your mortgage arrears have been extinguished

Last week’s 0.25% per annum interest rate reduction extinguished the arrears on tens of thousands of mortgage bonds. That’s the claim being made by several property owners in cases before the courts involving multiple banks.

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How to save your house from bank repossession

In this CFO Talks interview, Ciaran Ryan talks to consumer legal expert Leonard Benjamin about some surprisingly easy ways to stop your home being repossessed by the banks. Also discussed are illegal garnishee orders and how banks are routinely making "errors" when it comes to calculating mortgage bond arrears.

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