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Plant Improvement Act, 1976 (Act No. 53 of 1976)


Notice No. 619 of 1976


1. Definitions

2. Application of Act

3. Designation of registrar

4. [Repealed]

5. [Repealed]

6. Prohibition of conducting of business on unregistered premises

7. Registration of premises in respect of business

8. Term of registration

9. Renewal of registration

10. Exemption from registration

11. Termination of registration

12. Display, lapsing and return of certificate or registration

13. Requirements relating to sale of plants and propagating material

14. Savings regarding certain propagating material

15. Varietal list

15A. Registrar may enter into certain agreements for obtaining or rendering available of results of certain tests and trials

16. Application for recognition of variety

17. Requirements for recognition of variety

18. Consideration and examination of applications

19. Rejection of application

20. Recognition of variety

21. Alterations in and deletions from varietal list

22. Evaluation of variety

23. Establishment of certification schemes

24. Provisions of scheme

24A. Inspection for quality control

25. Power to enter premises, carry out inspections, take samples and seize certain articles

26. Importation of plants and propagating material

27. Export of plants and propagating material

27A. Distribution of plants or propagating material

28. Certain provisions to apply in respect of State

29. Discretionary power of registrar

30. Preservation, inspection and proof of documents

31. Secrecy

32. Appeal against decision or action of registrar

33. Publication or distribution of false or misleading advertisments

34. Regulations

35. Offences and penalties

36. Presumptions and evidence

37. Liability of employer or principal

38. Limitation of liability

39. Assignment of powers and duties by Minister

40. [Repealed]

41. [Repealed]

42. Repeal of laws

43. Short title and date of commencement