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National Land Transport Act, 2009 (Act No. 5 of 2009)


Notice No. 413 of 2009


Chapter 1 : General Purposes

1. Definitions

2. Purpose and scope of Act

3. Application of Act

4. Principles for national land transport policy

5. Functions of Minister

6. Information systems

7. Delegations by Minister

8. Regulations by Minister

9. Functions of MECs

10. Regulations by MEC

Chapter 2 : Institutional Arrangements for Land Transport

11. The responsibilities of the three spheres of government

12. Intergovernmental relations

13. Impartiality

14. Planning authorities

15. Intermodal planning committees

16. Land transport advisory boards

17. Establishment of division for the operating licence function and arrangement of adminis

18. Regulatory functions of municipalities

19. Adjacent municipalities

20. Establishment of National Public Transport Regulator

21. Functions of National Public Transport Regulator

22. Powers of National Public Transport Regulator

23. Establishment of Provincial Regulatory Entities

24. Functions of Provincial Regulatory Entities

25. Powers of Provincial Regulatory Entities

26. Agreements on regulatory matters

27. Municipal land transport funds

28. Public transport user charges

29. Minister may provide funds for land transport

30. MEC may provide funds for land transport

Chapter 4 : Transport Planning

31. General principles for transport planning and its integration with land use and develop

32. Types of plans required by this Act

33. General provisions on transport planning

34. National Land Transport Strategic Framework

35. Provincial Land Transport Frameworks

36. Integrated transport plans

37. Freight transport

38. Publication of transport plans and substantial changes in land use and public transport

39. Rationalization of public transport services

Chapter 5 : Contracting for Public Transport Services

40. Integration of bus contract system into larger public transport system

41. Negotiated contracts

42. Subsidized service contracts

43. Commercial service contracts

44. Requirements to qualify as tenderer for commercial or subsidized service contracts

45. Involvement of municipalities in public transport services

46. Existing contracting arrangements

Chapter 6 : Regulation of Road-Based Public Transport

Part 1 : Transitional provisions

47. Rationalization of existing services: general

48. Rationalization of existing scheduled services

49. Rationalization of minibus taxi-type services

Part 2 : General provisions

50. Regulation of road-based public transport

51. Entities that must issue operating licences

52. Maximum validity period of operating licences

53. Exemptions

54. Application for new operating licence

55. Operating licences for public transport services provided for in transport plans

56. Operating licences for contracted services

57. Disposing of applications with regard to operating licences for non-contracted services

58. Renewal, amendment or transfer of operating licence or permit

59. Publication of decisions

60. Special events

61. Major special events

62. Issue and contents of operating licence

63. Authority conveyed by operating licence

64. Persons who may hold operating licences

65. Long-distance services

66. Metered taxi services

67. Charter services

68. Staff services

69. Lift clubs

70. Tuk-tuks

71. Adapted light delivery vehicles

72. Transporting of scholars, students, teachers and lecturers

73. Amendment of operating licence to replace specified vehicle

74. Temporary replacement of vehicle

75. Interaction between public transport and cross-border road transport

76. Duties of holder of operating licence or permit

77. No cession, alienation or hiring out of operating licence or permit

78. Cancellation of operating licences and permits not in use

79. Withdrawal, suspension or amendment of operating licence or permit

Part 3 : Regulation of tourist transport services

80. Tourist transport services : general provisions

81. Accreditation of operators of tourist transport services

82. Application for accreditation

83. Cancellation of accreditation

84. Certification of vehicles for tourist transport services

Chapter 7 : Law Enforcement

85. Land transport law enforcement

86. Appointment of inspectors

87. Impoundment of vehicles

88. Presumptions and proof of certain facts

89. Powers of authorized officers

90. Offences and penalties

91. Extraordinary measures in declared areas

Chapter 8 : Appeals

92. Appeals to Transport Appeal Tribunal

Chapter 9 : Transitional and Final Matters

93. Transitional provisions

94. Laws repealed or amended

95. Act binds State

96. Short title and commencement


Laws Repealed or Amended