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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000

Chapter V : Fitness of Drivers

Part II : Learner's and driving licences

103. Manner of application for learner's licence


(1) An application in terms of section 17(1) or section 24(1) of the Act shall tee mace by the applicant at a driving licence testing centre on form LL1 as shown in Schedule 2, and shall be accompanied—
(a) by two identical black and white or colour photographs of the applicant which—
(i) shall have been recently taken;


(ii) shall be clear cut and without shadows;
(iii) shall be 40 millimetres in length and 30 millimetres in width;
(iv) shall depict only the head and shoulders of the applicant;
(v) shall show the applicant's full face;
(vi) shall, subject to item (vii), show the applicant without headgear;
(vii) may, if the applicant wears headgear required by a religion of which he or she is a bona fide member, show the applicant with such headgear: Provided that if the examiner for driving licences is of the opinion that the photographs showing the applicant with headgear are inadequate for identification purposes, he or she may refer the photographs to an official designated by the Director-General of the Provincial Administration concerned for his or her approval or disapproval;
(aA) if the official referred to in paragraph (a)(vii) does not grant approval of the photographs, by two photographs taken in the manner agreed to in writing by such official;
(b) acceptable identification of the applicant;
(c) in the case of an applicant who is 65 years of age or older, by the medical certificate on form MC as shown in Schedule 2, signed by a medical practitioner or occupational health practitioner, certifying that the applicant is not disqualified in terms of section 15(1)(f) or (g) of the Act from obtaining a learner's or driving licence; and (d) by the appropriate fee as determined by the MEC of the province concerned.


(2) if the applicant—
(a) is on the day determined in terms of section 17(2) of the Act, for any reason whatsoever, not examined and tested; and
(b) is unable to satisfy the driving licence testing centre concerned that the reason for his or her not having been examined and tested is due to circumstances beyond his or her control,

the applicant shall again pay the fee referred to in subregulation (1)(d) if the driving licence testing centre determines another day and time on which the applicant shall present himself or herself to be examined and tested: Provided that unless the applicant furnishes the driving licence testing centre with a declaration on form ATD, containing the reason or reasons for the applicant not being examined and tested on the day determined in terms of section 17(2) of the Act, the centre concerned shall not consider such reason or reasons for the purpose of this subregulation.

[Regulation 103(2)(b) substituted  by regulation 2(z) of Notice No. R. 1066 of 2005]


(3) An application for a learner's licence in terms of section 24(1) of the Act shall be made to the department of State where the applicant is employed.