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Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002 (Act No. 25 of 2002)

Chapter III : Facilitating Electronic Transactions

Part 1 : Legal requirements for data messages

19. Other requirements


(1) A requirement in a law for multiple copies of a document to be submitted to a single addressee at the same time, is satisfied by the submission of a single data message that is capable of being reproduced by that addressee


(2) An expression in a law, whether used as a noun or verb, including the terms "document", "record", "file", "submit", "lodge", "deliver", "issue", "publish", "write in", "print" or words or expressions of similar effect, must be interpreted so as to include or permit such form, format or action in relation to a data message unless otherwise provided for in this Act.


(3) Where a seal is required by law to be affixed to a document and such law does not prescribe the method or form by which such document may be sealed by electronic means, that requirement is met if- the document indicates that it is required to be under seal and it includes the advanced electronic signature of the person by whom it is required to be sealed.


(4) Where any law requires or permits a person to send a document or information by registered or certified post or similar service, that requirement is met if an electronic copy of the document or information is sent to the South African Post Office Limited, is registered by the said Post Office and sent by that Post Office to the electronic address provided by the sender.