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National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No.25 of 1999)


South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA) Permit Regulations

Chapter IV : Application for Permit : Archaeological or Palaeontological Site or Meteoriate (Section 34(4))

11. Application requirements and procedure


(1) Permit applications must be made on the official form Application for Permit: Archaeological and Palaeontological Sites and Meteorites, available from SAHRA.


(2) The following information must be supplied:
(a) The number and date of the notice of declaration in the Gazette;
(b) the geographical position of the site, including latitude and longitude, farm or erf number, nearest town or city and magisterial district;
(c) a short description of the site, including the type and approximate date, in accordance with the Guidelines;
(d) full details of the action(s) for which application is made;
(e) a brief motivation for the actions;
(f) if relevant, a brief motivation for the use of mechanical excavation equipment or any equipment that assists in the detection or recovery of metals or archaeological and palaeontological material or objects, or for the recovery of meteorites;
(g) the period for which the permit is required;
(h) the name, identity number, address, telephone and/or fax numbers, academic qualifications, relevant experience and signature of the applicant;
(i) the name and address of the collaborating institution in the Republic;
(j) the signature of the head of the department or institution where the applicant will be based while undertaking the project;
(k) the name and address of the South African institution that will curate the material recovered;
(l) the signature of the head of the department or institution that undertakes to store and curate the material and records; and
(m) any other relevant information required by SAHRA.