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National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No.25 of 1999)


Regulations in terms of Section 59

Chapter IV : Competence to Perform Functions [Section 8(6)]

4. Criteria to be used in assessing provincial capacity


(1) In assessing the competence of a provincial heritage resources authority, the SAHRA shall consider the authority's capacity in general and in terms of specific functions referred to in the Act.


(2) The following are the minimum requirements for the assumption of provincial functions:
(a) the existence of a provincial heritage authority with a Council appointed in accordance with the procedure and principles set out in section 23 of the Act;
(b) adequate staff for general administration of the heritage authority and performance of the specific functions for which application is made, including at least one suitably experienced and qualified full-time professional staff member and one administrative assistant;
(c) adequate premises and equipment for the performance of the functions to be undertaken, including a suitable computer with software compatible with the software used by SAHRA for the administration of the Inventory of the national estate referred to in S. 39 of the Act;
(d) access to a vehicle;
(e) procedure for the management of heritage resources and the consideration of applications, in accordance with the principles in section 10 of the Act;
(f) a three-year action plan and proposed budgets;
(g) budgetary and agency arrangements for the performance of any functions for which application is not made.