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National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No.25 of 1999)


Regulations in accordance with the Provisions of Section 9

Chapter I

1. Definition


1.1 In these Regulations any word or expression which has been defined in the National Heritage Resources Act No 25 of 1999 (“the Act”) and used in these Regulations shall have the meaning assigned to it in that Act.


1.2 In these Regulations, unless the context requires otherwise:—
1.2.1 “Annual financial year” shall mean a financial period for any State Department or Supported Body, as it may be prescribed by legislation;
1.2.2 “Conservation” shall mean protection, maintenance, preservation and sustainable us[sic] of places or objects so as to safeguard their cultural significance;
1.2.3 “Competent Authority” shall mean the South African Heritage Resources Authority or a Provincial Heritage Resources Authority competent in line with section 8 of the Act;
1.2.4 “Maintenance” shall mean any action intended to preserve the status quo of a heritage  for future generations;
1.2.5 “Supported Body” shall mean a body funded or financially supported by the State, and includes State-owned enterprises; and
1.2.6 “Under control” shall mean or refer to heritage resources owned, managed, leased or used by the State Departments and Supported Bodies.