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National Heritage Resources Act, 1999 (Act No. 25 of 1999)


Declaration of Seven (7) Kramats in the "Circle of Tombs" situated at various locations around Cape Town, Western Cape as National Heritage Sites


Notice No. 4568

28 March 2024

GG 50396


Department of Sports, Arts and Culture


By virtue of the powers vested in the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA), in terms of section 27(5) of the National Heritage Resources Act (No. 25 of 1999), SAHRA hereby declares seven Kramats as listed in the Schedule as part of the “Circle of Tombs”, Western Cape as National Heritage Sites.


Statement of Significance


“A prophecy made over 250 years ago said that there would be a “Circle of Islam” aroundthe Cape. It is believed that this Circle is formed by the shrines of Islamic Saints, the tombs of the Auliyah (Friends of Allah), and some of South Africa’s most influential spiritual leaders.


Referred to as Mazaars or Kramats, these shrines are regarded as highly sacred places that represent the advent of Islam to southern Africa (a religion that was suppressed in South Africa until 1804); and are symbolic of the resistance against religious, social, and political oppression by the Dutch, slavery, and British Colonisation both in South Africa and in Indonesia Archipelago.


These shrines are places of sanctity that provide spiritual benefits to those who visit and partake in the remembrance of the Auliyah. The Kramats inspire reverence and peace, not because of architectural achievement or aesthetic appeal, but because of the character, knowledge, and spiritual presence of those buried there. These Saints, further, contributed to shaping the cultural character of the Cape and the traditions regarding the history of these Saints have been passed from generation to generation mainly through word of mouth. Subjected to harsh forms of cruelty and torture for their roles in resisting oppression by the Dutch, and British both in Indonesia and at the Cape, the Saints never wavered and continued to teach unity and peace amongst different faiths. In keeping with these teachings many non-Muslims also visit the Kramats regularly.”



The demarcation of the sites is as follows:


Kramat Site ID

Name of the Kramat

Erf No



SG Diagram


Sayed Abdul Aziz

Erf 86923, Cape Town

Western Cape




Sayed Jaffer

Erf 2802, Camps Bay

Western Cape

Cape Town



Sheikh Ali Sayed Bassier

Erf 1491, Camps Bay

Western Cape

Cape Town


Sayed Abdul Malik

Erf 3333/3715; Oranjezicht

Western Cape

Cape Town



Sayed Abdul Haq

Erf 178079; Cape Town

Western Cape

Cape Town



Hazrat Sayed Mehboob Ali Shah

Erf 24544-RE; Cape Town (Maitland Cemetary)

Western Cape

Cape Town



Sheikh Abdul Kader

Erf 1815; Vredehoek

Western Cape

Cape Town



N4568 Coordinates i

N4568 Coordinates ii