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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996)


Regulations for the Conduct, Administration and Management of Assessment for the Senior Certificate, 2005

Chapter 3 : Preparation for the examination process

21. Registration of candidates


(1) Public and private providers may register part-time candidates for the Senior Certificate examinations.


(2) The closing date for registration must be on or before 31 January of the year of examination.


(3) Each examination body must determine the format of the registration form and the procedure for registration.


(4) A candidate may sit for the May/June 2008 examination as a supplementary examination, subject to the conditions stipulated in regulation 46.


(5) In 2009, 2010 and 2011 learners will register as part-time candidates.


(6) In the case of a learner relocating to another province, after he or she has registered for the examination, the assessment bodies concerned may agree on the transfer of a candidate from one assessment body to the other, taking into account the time available before such an examination.


(7) A part-time candidate may register for one or more subjects in a particular examination.


(8) If a candidate has enrolled for full-time tuition and registered for a minimum of six subjects, such a candidate must be registered as a full-time candidate.


(9) Non-registered candidates will not be internally assessed or allowed to sit for the final examination.


(10) However, if the non-registration of candidates is due to an error or omission by a examination official, the learner must be allowed to sit for the final examination.


(11) A full-time candidate may not register as a part-time candidate at another assessment body or another centre, for the same examination sitting, except in exceptional cases, where approval must be granted by the Head of Department or his or her nominee.


(12) Full-time candidates in Grade 12 may register for an additional subject in the Senior Certificate, and must comply with the following conditions:
(a) Obtain permission from the Head of Department or his or her nominee;
(b) Must have offered and passed the additional subject/s in Grade 10 and Grade 11 and must provide written proof to confirm same;
(c) Must satisfy the requirements for Internal assessment for that specific subject;
(d) If the additional subject is not presented at the centre of registration, the candidate must obtain the approval of the head of the centre of registration and the other institution or assessment body to offer the subject.
(e) The institution offering the additional subject must forward the internal assessment mark to the centre of registration; and
(f) A candidate registered for an additional subject must sit for the final examination at the centre of registration. Where this cannot be done special permission must be obtained from the Head of Examinations.


(13) Candidates that are suspended from an examination due to an irregularity should not be allowed to register for the Senior Certificate examination with any of the assessment bodies, until such time that the suspension has lapsed.