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South African Schools Act, 1996 (Act No. 84 of 1996)


Regulations for Safety Measures at Public Schools

8F. Emergency and fire procedures


(1) A public school must ensure that—
(a) it establishes emergency evacuation procedures;
(b) the emergency evacuation procedures are displayed in all offices, classrooms and amenities; and
(c) where reasonably practicable, the local fire chief assesses and reviews all fire evacuation procedures every year.


(2) A public school must take measures to install—
(a) fire extinguishers, which the principal must ensure are checked regularly; and
(b) fire alarms that are audible in all parts of the school premises, depending on the availability of funds.


(3) The principal must ensure that staff members and, where applicable, learners who are in grades 8 or higher are trained to use the fire extinguishers.


(4) If a bomb threat is received or a suspicious object is discovered—
(a) the principal must immediately report it to the police;
(b) the object, or anything related to the bomb threat, must be left untouched; and
(c) the public school must apply emergency evacuation procedures.