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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


K53 Practical Driving Test for Motor Vehicle Drivers, Volume 4 - Light Motor Vehicle Combinations : Code EB licences

6. The modules

Module 45: Intersections - roundabout (traffic circle)


1. Check rear-view mirror(s).
2. Obey all road traffic signs, signals, rules and markings.
3. Yield to traffic from the right and/or pedestrians, unless otherwise directed by road traffic signs or signals.
4. Decelerate, if necessary.
5. Brake, if necessary.
6. Select appropriate gear, if necessary.
7. Proceed, if safe.
8. Stop, if necessary.
9. Apply parking brake, if necessary.
10. Select neutral, if necessary.
11. Select gear, if necessary.
12. Observe, if applicable.
13. Release parking brake, if applicable.
14. Move off, if safe.



Note A:


If intending to take the first exit from the roundabout, the signal (left) shall be activated on the approach to the roundabout. When intending to leave the roundabout at any subsequent exit, the signal (left) shall be activated in good time prior to such exit. (When the signal has been activated the first exit shall be taken)


Unless otherwise required by road traffic signs, all combination-of motor vehicles shall remain in the left lane of a roundabout to eliminate blind spots to the left.


Note B:




(i) In the case of a mini-circle in an intersection, a signal to the left or to the right, depending on the intended direction of travel, shall be given. When no change of direction is intended, no signal is necessary.


(ii) Right of way shall be given to traffic crossing the yield line first.


Note C:


Check rear view mirror(s) whilst turning to ensure safe follow through of vehicle(s).