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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


K53 Practical Driving Test for Motor Vehicle Drivers, Volume 4 - Light Motor Vehicle Combinations : Code EB licences

6. The modules

Module 19: Parallel parking - to the right


- Position vehicle at starting point.
- Cancel signal, if applicable.
- Apply parking brake.
- Select neutral (or "P" for automatic transmission), and await for instructions.




1. Check rear-view mirror(s) and blind spot to the right.
2. Signal intention.
3. Select gear.
4. Obtain clutch control. (Manual transmission)
5. Observe.
6. Release parking brake.
7. Move off.
8. Check the blind spot to the left before the vehicle changes direction.
9. Steer into the parking bay without touching any obstacles or the kerb.
10. Counter steer if a 2nd movement forward is required.
11. Stop the vehicle within the demarcated area.
12. Apply parking brake.
13. Select neutral.
14. Cancel signal.




15. Check rear-view mirror(s) and blind spot.
16. Signal intention.
17. Select gear.
18. Obtain clutch control. (Manual transmission)
19. Observe.
20. Release parking brake.
21. Steer out of parking bay without touching any obstacle or the kerb.
22. Cancel signal.



Note A:


Only three movements shall be permissible - that is, a reverse movement into parking bay and two additional movements once the vehicle is at least partially within the parking bay, but without leaving the parking bay completely during these two movements.


Note B:


If this manoeuvre cannot be completed at the 1st attempt as described in item 11, the vehicle shall again be positioned in the starting point from where a 2nd (final) attempt shall be made. (The stopwatch shall not be stopped)


Note C:


The number of movements to leave the parking bay shall be unlimited, however, an observation shall be done every time before moving off.

The vehicle shall be driven forward when leaving the parking bay.

The signal shall be on when leaving the parking bay.


Note D:


Should the signal cancel automatically whilst entering or leaving, the applicant shall not be penalised for not reactivating it.


Note E:


No signal shall be required for movements within the parking bay.


Note F:


The final placement of the complete vehicle is of no importance as long as it is fully within the demarcated parking bay. (Including attachments and mirrors in extended position)


Note G:




(1) Count. St. ............................................

is meant that

- the applicant turns the steering wheel while the vehicle is stationary, and
- that the applicant does not turn the steering wheel immediately prior to coming to a standstill so that the wheels are not a least straight, if a 2nd or 3rd movement is required. (See definition of "counter steer")


Note H:


Should the vehicle roll, a circle shall be drawn around the black block "Roll" and the test discontinued.


Note I:


Stopping and moving off in the same direction is not regarded as another movement. Stopping is permitted at any stage during a movement, however, an observation shall be done before moving off, if stationary for longer than 5 seconds.


Note J:


Should the incorrect gear be selected when moving off from the starting point, this will not be regarded as an attempt.


Note K:


On completion of the parallel parking, (left and right) the trailer shall again be hitched and coupled to the drawing vehicle, where the examiner shall check the operation of all rear lamps on the trailer before continuing with the test.