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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


K53 Practical Driving Test for Motor Vehicle Drivers, Volume 3 - Motorcycles : Codes AI & A

2. Test requirements


2.1 Material


The following shall be required in order to conduct this test:

a roadworthy motorcyle, supplied by the applicant.
a test report, (in triplicate and numbered in book form);
a pen, and
an electronic measuring apparatus (in working order) complying with the requirements of the Department of Transport.


2.2 Requirements for the test


This test shall be administered on a prescribed track that is closed to other traffic and persons, and which complies with the following requirements:


A painted rectangle 38,12m x 15,25m (inside measurements) without kerbing or any other obstruction within one metre of any track boundary, a tarred, paved or other permanent surface which is reasonably level and skid resistant.

The painted markings for each test (see Technical Data) must be as prescribed. (See page 75).


An electronic measuring apparatus complying with the Department of Transport's requirements, is used as an aid to maintain objective standards. Examiners shall be fully conversant with the apparatus being used.


2.3 The test shall commence with the pre-trip inspections and all of the following manoeuvres shall be done, as prescribed:
(a) Speed management
(b) Moving off/Turns (left)
(c) Lane change (right)
(d) Incline start
(e) Turning speed judgement (left and right)
(f) Emergency stops (stop 1 and stop 2)
(g) Emergency swerve (left and right)