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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


K53 Practical Driving Test for Motor Vehicle Drivers, Volume 2 - Heavy Motor Vehicles : Codes CI, C, ECI and EC

1. The Test


1.1        Purpose of the test


This is a practical test to determine the ability of heavy motor vehicle drivers. The full test consists of two separate parts, namely a yard test and a road test, jointly measuring the proficiency of a vehicle driver regarding his/her handling of the vehicle, obedience to traffic rules, and coping with traffic problems in the practical driving situation. The test shall be used by driving licence testing centres to measure the proficiency level of drivers in order to obtain a driving licence. Only on the successful completion of the test can a driving licence be authorised. Instructors possessing the necessary knowledge and skills can also make use of this test to determine training requirements.


1.2 Format of the test


The test is administered on prescribed manoeuvres and on pre-established routes and is marked on the standard test report (see page 9) by an examiner for driving licences who is trained and registered as prescribed Should the test be terminated for any reason at any stage, the full test will have to be repeated. (This includes the yard test and road test).


1.3 Item format


The items are classified under separate categories clearly indicated on the test report. During the test the examiner marks the incorrect responses in the appropriate category by placing a mark in the space opposite the appropriate item.


1.4 Method


Directly after the successful completion of the yard test, which is conducted under supervision of an examiner who is fully conversant with the contents of this document, can the road test be administered on public roads, and shall be done on the same day. Every test shall be completed in full before another test can be conducted by such examiner.


1.5 Type of vehicle


The test is designed for the testing of drivers of:

(a) motor vehicles of which T (Tare)/GVM (gross vehicle mass) exceeds 3500 kg,
(b) articulated vehicle and combinations of vehicles of which GCM (gross combination mass) of the drawing vehicle exceeds 3500 kilograms; and
(c) combinations of vehicles of which the (GVM) of the trailer exceed 750kg.
(d) Vehicles with a minimum total length of 6 metres.


1.6 Ethics


Use of cellular phones and smoking is not permissible. (Examiner and applicant, as well as Inspectorate/Provincial monitor if applicable).