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Part I : Testing stations, roadworthy certificates and certification of roadworthiness


128. Manner of application to be approved as suitable person or body of persons to be able to apply for registration of testing station

129. Consideration of suitability of testing station andperson or body of persons to operate testing station

130. Manner of application of approved person or body of persons to register testing station

131. Requirements to be met for registration of testing station

132. Manner of registration of a testing station

133. Notification of change of particulars of testing station

134. Approval of appointment of examiner of vehicles prior to appointment

135. Grades of testing stations

136. Manner of suspension or cancellation of registration of a testing station

137. Duties of a testing station proprietor

137A. Duties of a management representative

137B. Act or omission of management representative, examiner of Vehicles or employee employed by testing station proprietor

137C. Transitional provision for registering testing station operating without agreement

137D. Fee to defray expenditure incurred by inspectorate of testing stations

137E. Powers and duties of the inspectorate of testing stations

138. Certification of roadworthiness required in certain circumstances

139. Manner of application for certification of roadworthiness

140. Examination and testing of motor vehicle for roadworthiness

141. Manner of certification of roadworthiness

142. Certain classes of motor vehicles requiring roadworthy certificate

143. Issue of roadworthy certificate

144. Voidness of roadworthy certificate

145. Period of validity of roadworthy certificate

146. Provisions of Acts to prevail

147. Notice in terms of section 3F(a) or section 3I(a) of Act to direct that motor vehicle be taken to testing station

148. Notice in terms of section 44 of Act to discontinue operation of motor vehicle