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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000

Chapter III : Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles, and Registration of Manufacturers, Builders and Importers, and Manufacturers of Number Plates

Part I : Registration and licensing of motor vehicles

9. Additional requirements for registration of motor vehicle built up from parts


An application for the registration of a motor vehicle built up from parts by a builder who is not required to register as such under these regulations shall, in addition to the requirements and documents referred to in regulation 8, be accompanied by—

(a) an affidavit on form SOA as shown in Schedule 2, stating the parts used, the person from whom such parts were acquired and, attached to such form, the receipts of the purchase or donation of such parts;
(b) if such motor vehicle has been built up from a motor vehicle which has become permanently unfit for use as a motor vehicle and has been deregistered in terms of regulation 55(3), the deregistration certificate in respect of such motor vehicle, or an affidavit containing evidence of the fact that the motor vehicle was previously permanently unfit for use; and
(c) a South African Police Service clearance of the motor vehicle.