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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000

Chapter IV : Motor Trade Numbers, Temporary and Special Permits

Part II : Temporary and special permits

87. Manner of issue of temporary or special permit


(1) On receipt of the application referred to in regulation 85(1) or (2), the registering authority may, and if the applicant so requires, shall issue an assessment showing the appropriate fees as determined by the MEC of the province concerned and if applicable, the penalties and arrear fees referred to in regulations 57 and 59.


(2) On submission of the assessment and upon payment of the fees and penalties referred to in subregulation (1), the registering authority shall, subject to the provisions of regulation 59(2), and if satisfied that the application is in order—
(a) record the particulars pertaining to—
(i) the applicant; and
(ii) if applicable, the date, number and place of issue of a certification of roadworthiness, referred to in regulation 85(3)(c);

in the register of motor vehicles; and

(b) issue a series of blank temporary permits or a duly completed temporary or special permit, as the case may be, on form TP or SP as shown in Schedule 2.

[Regulation 87(2)(b) substituted  by regulation 2(w) of Notice No. R. 1066 of 2005]


(3) The motor dealer referred to in regulation 85(2) shall—
(a) upon payment of the appropriate fees referred to in regulation 85(3)(b), complete the temporary permit and counterfoil on form TP as shown in Schedule 2;

[Regulation 87(3)(a) substituted  by regulation 2(x) of Notice No. R. 1066 of 2005]

(b) issue the temporary permit to the owner of the motor vehicle concerned and retain the counterfoil; and
(c) if applicable, record the date, number and place of issue of a certification of roadworthiness, referred to in regulation 85(3)(c) on the counterfoil.


(4) A permit issued in respect of a motor vehicle in a prescribed territory in terms of any law relating to motor vehicles in force in that territory and serving the same purpose as a temporary or special permit shall, if the provisions of the law of such prescribed territory relating to the operation of a motor vehicle on a public road under such permit, is complied with, shall be deemed to be a temporary or special permit, whichever the case may be, issued under this Part for the period for which and subject to the conditions under which it was issued.


(5) No motor dealer shall issue a temporary permit which has not been issued to such motor dealer in terms of subregulation (2)(b), or issue more than one permit to the same person in respect of the same motor vehicle.


(6) A registering authority may, at any time after reasonable notice to a motor dealer, order that all unused temporary permits be returned, or the said dealer may return such permits, without any amount being refundable.