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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000

Chapter X : Rules of the Road and Matters Relating Thereto

Part I : Rules of the road

317. Racing and sport on public roads


(1) For the purposes of this regulation the expression "race or sport" includes—
(a) any race, speed trial, reliability trial, hill climbing competition or sports meeting; or
(b) any other activity whatsoever—
(i) which may constitute a source of danger to traffic; or
(ii) which may hamper, impede or disrupt the normal flow of traffic.


(2) No person shall organize or take part in any race or sport on a public road, unless the prior written consent of the MEC of the province concerned has been obtained or, where the race or sport will take place wholly within the area of jurisdiction of a local authority, the prior written consent of such local authority has been obtained.


(3) In granting consent in terms of subregulation (2), the MEC or the local authority concerned, as the case may be, may—
(a) in addition to any requirement prescribed in these regulations, impose such further conditions as he or she or it may deem expedient;
(b) exempt any person concerned with the race or sport for the duration thereof—
(i) from any provision of the Act regarding any speed limit or determine another speed limit for the road concerned;
(ii) from any other provision of the Act or from any by-law; or
(c) levy fees for defraying the expenses incurred by the Provincial Administration or local authority concerned in connection with the race or sport.


(4) Any consent granted in terms of subregulation (2) may be withdrawn at any time.


(5) A traffic officer responsible for the safety of the public in the area where the racing or sporting event is staged or a traffic officer at the scene of the event, may immediately withdraw the permission for the event or amend the conditions of the permit to ensure the safety of road users, if the staging or continuation of the event, in the traffic officer's opinion, is causing or will cause any danger or undue obstructions for other road users or any of the participants in the event.

[Regulation 317(5) inserted by regulation 68 of Notice No. R. 1341 of 2003]