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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000

Chapter IX : Road Traffic Signs and General Speed Limit

Part II : Speed limits

295. Speed limit in relation to braking capability


(1) No person shall operate on a public road a tractor or trailer referred to in regulation 154(2) at a speed in excess of 35 kilometres per hour.


(2) A motor vehicle referred to in subregulation (1) may be fitted with a sign denoting that such vehicle is subject to a speed restriction of 40 kilometres per hour, which sign shall comply with the requirements of standard specification SANS 1329 "Retro-reflective and Fluorescent Warning Signs for Road Vehicles", Part 3: "Signs other than triangles, chevron signs and abnormal load vehicle signs" with respect to the colours and size displayed on such sign.

[Regulation 295 substituted by regulation 70 of Notice No. R. 846 of 2014]