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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000

Chapter IX : Road Traffic Signs and General Speed Limit

Part I : Road traffic signs

290. Prohibition of advertising on public roads


(1) No person shall display or allow to be displayed any advertising material on or attached to a road traffic sign, except—
(a) that a single advertisement may be displayed on each side of a street name sign GL1 or a suburb name sign GL2 in combination with such signs;
(b) where the manufacturer of such sign displays his or her name at the back of that sign; or
(c) in the circumstances referred to in section 57(6) of the Act:

Provided that it shall be displayed substantially in conformity with the Southern African Development Community Road Traffic Signs Manual.


(2) No person shall use or portray a road traffic sign in an advertisement where such advertisement is visible for a road user while travelling on a public road.


(3)        No person may—

(a) operate on a public road a motor vehicle on which it appears or is displayed any electronic device or lights emitting advertisement; or
(b) display on a stationary motor vehicle any electronic device or lights emitting advertisement visible from a public road or land adjacent to such public road, or cause it to be so displayed:

Provided that the provision of subregulation (3) shall not apply to lamp illuminating notice, or identification lamps as referred to in regulation 173(1), (2), 176(1) and taxi tops bearing an advertisement or information on top of metered taxis operating in terms of an operating licence issued in accordance with the provisions of the NLTTA.".


(4) No person shall display or cause to be displayed any directional sign displaying or depicting the sale of liquor products visible on a public road, or permit it to be so displayed.


[Regulation 290 substituted by regulation 21 of Notice No. R. 589 of 2009]