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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000

Chapter VI : Fitness of Vehicles

Part IV : Loads on vehicles

245B. Special needs accessibility


(1) No person shall operate on a public road a rapid transport bus or a rapid transport bus-train or a rapid transport feeder bus or midibus, unless it is provided with;
(a) facilities and equipment to accept and secure wheelchairs in accordance with SANS 10370;
(b) seats, known as priority seats for passengers with special needs, which shall be situated in a position near to a door that is suitable for boarding and alighting and shall comply with clause 3.2 of Annex 8 of SANS 20107. The colour of the priority seats shall contrast with the colour of the other seats in the rapid transport bus or rapid transport bus-train or rapid transport feeder bus or midibus;
(c) communication devices shall be placed adjacent to priority seats and within spaces for securing wheelchairs. The devices shall comply with clause 3.3 of Annex 8 of SANS 20107;
(d) vehicles fitted with space for wheelchairs shall display pictograms in accordance with Annex 4 of SANS 20107 and which are visible from the outside of the vehicle, both on the front nearside and adjacent to the relevant boarding and alighting door. Such pictograms (Figure 23A or Figure 23B) shall also be placed internally adjacent to the wheelchair space or the priority seat;

(e)        steps, ramps and lifts shall be in accordance with SANS 10370.


(2) The facilities and equipment in subregulation (1) shall be provided at the following minimum rates:—
(a) In the case of a rapid transport bus at least one wheelchair, and six priority seats;
(b) In the case of rapid transport bus-train at least two wheelchairs, and eight priority seats;
(c) In the case of a rapid transport feeder bus or midibus at least one wheelchair, and 2 priority seats;


[Regulation 245B inserted by regulation 15 of Notice No. R. 359 of 2010]