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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000

Chapter II : Registering Authorities and Authorised Officers

Part II : Authorised Officers

1C. Manner of registration as inspector of licences, examiner of vehicles, examiner for driving licences or traffic officer


(1) If the chief executive officer is satisfied as contemplated in section 3C of the Act, he or she shall—
(a) in the case of an examiner of vehicles or examiner for driving licences, grade the applicant in terms of regulation 2;
(b) record the particulars of the applicant on the register of authorised officers referred to in regulation 331(4)(a); and
(c) issue to the applicant a certificate of registration on form CR as shown in Schedule 2.


(2) If the chief executive officer is not satisfied as contemplated in section 3C of the Act, he or she shall refuse to register the applicant and notify such applicant accordingly.


(3) Any person whose registration has been cancelled in terms of section 3E of the Act and who applies to be registered, may in addition to the requirements referred to in subregulation (1), be required to have successfully completed a refresher course at a training centre within a period of three months prior to such application.


[Commencement date of regulation 1C: To be determined by the Minister by notice in the Gazette]