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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000

Chapter VI : Fitness of Vehicles

Part II : Equipment on or in respect of vehicles

184. Manner in which lamps to be fitted and maintained


(1) The head lamps of a motor vehicle shall be fitted—
(a) at a height of not less than 450 millimetres and not more than one comma four metres above ground level, measured to the centre of the lamp; and
(b) not more than 500 millimetres behind the front end of the vehicle.


(2) The head lamps and fog lamps of a motor vehicle shall, unless the design of the lamps incorporates some other means of preventing a dangerous glare to oncoming traffic, not be fitted with lenses of clear glass or other like material.


(3) When two or more of the same lamps are fitted to a vehicle they shall—
(a) be placed symmetrically in relation to the longitudinal centerline of the vehicle; and
(b) except in the case of side marker lamps and direction-indicator lamps, be so placed that any lamp on the side of the vehicle concerned shall have a corresponding lamp at the same height on the other side of such vehicle.


(4) Every lamp required to be fitted to a vehicle shall be securely fixed.


(5) The lens and reflector of every lamp required to be fitted to or used in connection with any vehicle shall be maintained in an effective and reasonably clean condition.


(6) No lamp required to be fitted to or displayed in connection with a vehicle shall be totally or partially obscured by any fitting or object on the vehicle.


(7) The provisions of subregulation (1) shall not apply to main beam lamps that comply with the requirements of standard specification SABS 1046 "Motor vehicle safety specification for lights and light signalling devices installed on motor vehicles and trailers", and standard specification SABS 1376 "Lights for motor vehicles", Part 2: Head lights" and which is homologated as such by the Inspectorate of Manufacturers, Importers and Builders.

[Regulation 184(7) inserted by regulation 31 of Notice No. R. 881 of 2004]