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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000

Chapter III : Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles, and Registration of Manufacturers, Builders and Importers, and Manufacturers of Number Plates

Part I : Registration and licensing of motor vehicles

17. Deregistration of registered motor vehicle which becomes exempt from registration


1) If a registered motor vehicle becomes exempt from registration in terms of regulation 5, the title holder of such motor vehicle shall apply for the deregistration of such motor vehicle on form ADV, as shown in Schedule 2, to the appropriate registering authority.

[Regulation 17(1) substituted  by regulation 2(c) of Notice No. R. 1066 of 2005]


(2) The application referred to in subregulation (1) shall be accompanied by—
(a) the acceptable identification of the title holder and, if the title holder is a body of persons, that of its proxy and representative and a letter of proxy; and
(b) the registration certificate of the motor vehicle concerned.


(3) On receipt of the application referred to in subregulation (1), the registering authority shall—
(a) satisfy itself that the application is in order;
(b) update the particulars pertaining to the motor vehicle concerned in the register of motor vehicles; and
(c) issue a deregistration certificate on form VDC as shown in Schedule 2, to the title holder of the motor vehicle concerned.


(4) If a motor vehicle record has been updated in terms of subregulation (3)(b), the record of the motor vehicle may be moved to the archive of the register on any date five years after the date on which such update took place.

[Regulation 17(4) inserted by regulation 14 of Notice No. R. 1341 of 2003 ]