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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000

Chapter V : Fitness of Drivers

Part IV : Professional Driving Permit

118. Application for professional driving permit


(1) The driver of a vehicle contemplated in regulation 115(1) shall apply at a driving licence testing centre for a professional driving permit on form PD1 as shown in Schedule 2.


(2) An application referred to in subregulation (1) shall be accompanied by—
(a) the fee for an application for a professional driving permit as prescribed by the MEC of the province concerned;
(b) acceptable identification of the applicant;
(c) two photographs of the applicant that comply with regulation 103(1);
(d) the original driving licence which authorises the applicant to drive a motor vehicle to which his or her application for a professional driving permit relates;
(dA) from the date referred to in regulation 117(e), the training certificate referred to in the said regulation, if applicable;

[Commencement date of regulation 118(2)(dA): 3 August 2001]

(e) the medical certificate on form MC as shown in Schedule 2; and
(f) any other professional driving permit or public driving permit already held by the applicant.


(3) Upon receipt of an application made in terms of this regulation, the testing centre shall—
(a) ensure that the application is in order with reference to regulation 117 and subregulation (2);
(aA) ensure that the applicant is not disqualified as contemplated in section 15 of the Act read with regulation 102;

[Regulation 118(3)(aA) inserted by regulation 33 of Notice No. 2116 of 2001]

(b) verify that the photographs submitted are those of the applicant; and
(c) record the application on the register of professional driving permits and verify from such register that the applicant is not subject to a suspension or cancellation of any driving licence or professional driving permit held by him or her.


(4) If the driving licence testing centre is satisfied that the application is in order, it shall request the officer in charge of the nearest South African Police Service station for a report of the convictions identified in regulation 117(c), if any, recorded against the applicant and for the purpose of such report, any member of the South African Police Service may take the finger and palm prints of the applicant.