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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000

Chapter V : Fitness of Drivers

Part IV : Professional Driving Permit

115. Certain drivers of certain vehicles to hold professional driving permit


(1) Subject to the provisions of subregulation (2), a professional driving permit shall be held by the driver of—
(a) a goods vehicle, the gross vehicle mass of which exceeds 3 500 kilograms;
(b) a breakdown vehicle;
(c) a bus;
(d) a minibus—
(i) the gross vehicle mass of which exceeds 3 500 kilograms; or
(ii) which is designed or adapted for the conveyance of 12 or more persons, including the driver;
(e) a motor vehicle used for the conveyance of persons for reward or is operated in terms of an operating licence issued in accordance with the provisions of the NLTTA.

[Regulation 115(1)(e) replaced by regulation 4 of Notice No. R. 891 of 2006]

(f) a motor vehicle the gross vehicle mass of which exceeds 3 500 kilograms to which regulations 273 to 283 apply as contemplated in regulation 274; and

[Commencement date of regulation 115(1)(f): 3 August 2001]

[Regulation 115(1)(f) substituted by regulation 27 of Notice No. R. 881 of 2004]

(g) a motor vehicle conveying 12 or more persons including the driver.


(2) The provisions of subregulation (1) does not apply—
(a) to a traffic officer, examiner of vehicles or examiner for driving licences in the performance of his or her duties as contemplated in section 3I, 3G and 3H of the Act, respectively;

[Regulation 115(2)(a) substituted by regulation 6 of Notice No. R. 890 of 2013]

(b) to a person driving a hearse;
(c) to a person driving a motor vehicle referred to in regulation 21(1) or 21(5);

[Regulation 115(2)(c) substituted  by regulation 32 of Notice No. 2116 of 2001 with effect from 1 January 2002]

(d) subject to regulation 99(2), to a person driving a motor vehicle for which he or she holds a valid learner's licence with the code prescribed for that vehicle in terms of regulation 99(1), while being accompanied by a person holding a valid professional driving permit which authorises him or her to drive that vehicle;
(e) to a person driving a tractor.