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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)


National Road Traffic Regulations, 2000

Chapter V : Fitness of Drivers

Part II : Learner's and driving licences

105. Issue of learner's licence


(1) A learner's licence shall be issued on form LL2 as shown in Schedule 2 within 2 working days after the examiner for driving licences notified the applicant that he or she shall be issued with a learner's licence, and the examiner for driving licences or a person authorised to do so shall, upon payment of the applicable fee as determined by the MEC of the province concerned.

[Words preceding regulation 105(1)(a) substituted by regulation 27 of Notice No. 2116 of 2001]

(a) complete the learner s licence, on which the date of birth of the holder shall be reflected;
(b) endorse the learner's licence accordingly in the case where—
(i) the applicant is found to be competent to drive with the aid of glasses or contact lenses, an artificial limb or other physical aid;
(ii) the applicant is a physically disabled person who has to drive a vehicle adapted for physically disabled persons, or a vehicle adapted specifically for that physically disabled applicant;
(c) ensure that the applicant signs the learner's licence;
(d) affix one photograph to the learner's licence and one photograph to the carbon copy, or to the application form if the learner's licence was printed by the computerised register;
(e) affix one lamination strip to the learner's licence and another to the carbon copy, or to the application form, if applicable, to cover the photograph, personal particulars and the code of the learner's licence of the holder;
(f) issue the learner's licence; and
(g) retain the application form and, if not printed by the computerised register, the carbon copy of the learner's licence for record purposes.


(2) In the case of an application for a learner's licence in terms of section 24(1) of the Act, the provisions of subsections (2) and (3) of section 17 of the Act shall apply with the necessary changes, but no fee for the issue of a learner's licence shall be paid.