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National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996)

Chapter VI : Operator fitness

46. Issue of operator card


1) The registering authority shall, in respect of every motor vehicle contemplated in section 45, issue an operator card in the prescribed manner: Provided that where any operator card of a specific operator is suspended, the registering authority shall not issue any new operator card to such operator until the period of suspension has expired.


2) The categories, period of validity, form and contents of an operator card shall be as prescribed.


3) Any document issued by a competent authority in any prescribed territory or a foreign state and serving in such territory or state a purpose similar to that of an operator card shall, subject to the conditions thereof and to the prescribed conditions, be deemed to be an operator card for the purposes of subsection (1).


4) Where any circumstance arises in relation to the holder of an operator card contemplated in subsection (3) which would have empowered the chief executive officer to act under section 50 if such card was issued in the Republic, the chief executive officer may inform such holder that such card is of no force within the Republic, and as from the date on which such person is so informed, such card shall cease to be in force within the Republic.